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The Tower


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The Gaze 05:05
Walking down the street on the way to my car when I'm at my job making 8 bucks an hour When I'm with my kids When I'm with my friends I'm living my life on the defensive I know you're tired of feeling Like there's no place left for us to go I know you're tired of feeling Like there's nothing left that we can do When you're tired, I feel it, maybe There's something that I have to know Feeling tired, feeling weak fighting back is killing me Such a (headache) x4 Feeling tired, feeling weak if you see I cannot speak can you please lend your voice to me? "Hey Baby" "Where you going?" "Do you need a ride?" "Say, where do you work?" "Do you have a boyfriend? I wanna know" "Don't say no" "DON'T SAY NO" Feeling tired, feeling weak sick of this inequality (You can reach where I cannot be) Feeling tired, feeling weak If you see I cannot speak can you please lend your voice to me?
The Lamb 03:15
It's true I would hold your hand as you held me underwater why don't you tell me, how fucked up is that? and so I'll be like a lamb as you lead me off to slaughter I gave to you always, you never gave back I suffer your disgust and rank humiliation nothing repels me, you only attract through tears I'll recall the years you held me by the throat It's better than nothing, but I'm better than that It's true I would hold your hand as you held me under water Why can't I just break free, and never look back I suffer your disgust and rank humiliation It's better than nothing, but I'm better than that Right?
The Burden 03:38
You can tell 'em by their boots You can taste it in the leather Yeah I'm tying my own noose will it hang me any better? I can't stand it, little boy like you And I've had it with your cult of youth Shoulder the burden (if you can bear it) I'll destroy it (just to repair it) I don't need it (If i can't wear it) shoulder the burden You can tell them by their boots You can taste it in the leather Yeah I swear I told the truth Didn't do me any favors Swear I told the truth It didn't make it any better We've outgrown this cult of youth can we trust you to know what to do? and you can taste it on their boots when they make you lick the leather I'm tired of feeling the concrete beneath my knees and I wanna believe that if I tell the truth you will make things better we've outgrown this cult of youth can we trust you to know what to do with the burden?
The Jaws 03:31
I'm so well-rested I can't even sleep I like sleeping up high but I can't stand the heat (Chop wood, bend at the knees carry water, take a drink) When the sadness monster has got you in it's Jaws and all seems lost When the sadness monster has got you in it's Mouth and it won't bite down Sometimes there's nothing left to say Always worried about the future 'cause you can't escape your past how long can you keep on running? how far? how fast? The clock goes off and I want it to stop I'm missing you I can't get off I can't get up I'm caught in my dreams I miss you even when I'm asleep I'll let it run out I'll shut it all off without you around, I get lost If it's not you calling I don't really care There's no point in trying if you're not there Why pay my bills for a house I can't keep or for a phone line that'll never ring?
The Break 02:48
The Tower 03:09
I can't think straight and this noise is doing my head in I've had no breaks and every road I've taken, a dead end Now who are you to try and tell me I don't need a way out? Cast my lot, my hand is empty I don't see a way out except down There is no exit here There is no way out but down I get so tired and my mind will go if i let it I started a fire and I hope I live to regret it
The Hawk 03:34
I can play them where they fall save your speech cuz I don't need it an operation, clinical we don't have the time for healing I can feel blood rushing out it's almost over The worst is yet to come, fuck yes! Fire shots into the horde the rabble weep, like so much bleating Tear up the fucking boards None can stop this ceaseless beating
The Body 02:10
I found you just staring just staring up at the ceiling Just staring you were just staring while yr mouth just hung kind of open while yr mouth just hung kind of open i heard my breath move in slow motion while my mouth just hung kind of open can you please get off the sofa? and then you didn't breathe in you just stayed kind of still not breathing and still not moving (breathe in/breathe out) I think of the smell of your house (breathe in/breathe out) webs hanging from your tongue (breathe in/breathe out breathe in/breathe out) the ceiling fan shade keeping cutting out 8 times we swallow I counted to thirty out loud but nobody heard me out loud but no one heard me my voice rang true to the open empty room in the corners where my mind keeps drifting and I'm saying again can you just breathe in? Then do it again (and do it again) until the spiders leave your mouth (breathe in/breathe out) a familiar sound (breathe in/breathe out) can someone give a fuck? (breathe in/breathe out) all my senses keep cutting out the body's in the open
The Future 04:03
We hold these truths to be irrelevant you may as well salt the earth for the taste of it We bear these arms to defend the men who profit from our disgrace, keep us in our place There are consequences to your actions (reactions, yes) x2 Our future is behind us things we never get past our mistakes will define us chances we'll never get back we hold these truths to be irrelevant you may as well scorch the earth and be done with it we bear these arms, not to defend ourselves assault is not defense, revenge is not justice
The Machine 03:38
There's no way you can keep me here Made up my mind Don't get caught in the middle Don't cross that line You've got facts you can prattle on Don't waste my time I've got precious little each second's mine Shut it off Time won't wind down cause I'm not around Nor will the sun leave the sky I won't ask you to understand just tell me good-bye I get so tired of dreaming of races run by never won Get me off this life support I'm fine Shut it off Pull the plug cut the cord let me go home I'm fine with dying x2 I've taken what's been given I'm fine with dying, I'm sick of trying I've taken what's been given Shut it off


The most dangerous letter in the DIY Greek alphabet, XETAS are greeting 2017 with their sophomore album and spring tour, serious as a heart attack and more fun than the drugs they give you in the hospital after the medics bring you back to life.

Pumping through Austin's clogged Red River arteries since 2014, the Austin firebrands have temporarily broken their vows of Shaolin silence with ten tracks of unadulterated defibrillation --an electrifying monument to distorted melody and verbal hooks brought to a full boil.

This, after spending most of 2016 dedicating their lives to anonymity and heated discussions as to whether the city's most indispensable soundperson sleeps in his jacket.

Propelled by a new drummer -O.D.J.- who will one day drum a hole to China solely using jazz brushes, XETAS seemingly are on a collision course with the halls of power, despite the absence of any campaign coordination with the Russian ambassador.

Add in the blitzkrieg guitars, bass and vocals of D and K respectively and you've arrived at a collection of tools of the trade turned weaponized instruments the likes of which are sure to provoke many a sleepless night at NATO Headquarters.

Recorded over a 24-hour period in the fall of 2016 with engineer Ian Rundell (Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes, Spray Paint, Empty Markets), the 37-minute, 10-track album was recorded in less than than 7 minutes --a testimony to the band's energy and capacity for bending time and space after years of monastic devotion.

The melodies are dirty, distorted and delicious, dishing on the world in a jolting and at times unnerving manner, speaking truth to power, assuring a nation already grappling with insomnia under new federal management that it never sleeps again, in soundman Max's jacket, or otherwise.
- Paul Stinson 

(first 200 on red vinyl, includes download code)


released April 14, 2017

D- guitar, vox
K - bass, vox
J - drums, vox

Recorded by Ian Rundell
Mixed by Ian Rundell and XETAS
Photography by Julie Bishop
Mastered by Andrew Nicolaou at Chicago Mastering


all rights reserved



XETAS Austin, Texas


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